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Events that create reservoirs for microbial growth in our area:

  • Dirt crawl spaces

  • Chimney: flashing, cracking, crowning

  • Mortar compromises

  • Improper ventilation due to closed off registers and returns 

  • Downspout standpipes (Washington, DC)

  • standpipes

  • Negative grading

  • Sump pump failure

  • Damp insulation

  • HVAC condensation line issues  

  • Roof and or window leaks

  • Poorly fitted or formed flashing and cavities

  • Gutter ice damming

  • Sewage back-ups

  • Plumbing leaks (water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, hose bib)

  • Condensation from poorly insulated ductwork

  • Exhaust pipe flashing

  • Standing water

  • Exterior door area drains

  • compromised basement waterproofing 

  • Excessive amounts of books, newspapers, cardboard boxes, plants, aquariums, and people.

  • Poorly ventilated areas


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